Welcome to the Humber Valley Radio Control Flyers Homepage. We welcome both new and experienced RC aviation enthusiasts. Our club now welcomes helicopter and/or drone only pilots as well. Our club members enjoy the use of an excellent flying field located close to the heart of Toronto (Kipling and Steeles). The club conducts a full schedule of summer and winter activities and offers an excellent flight instruction program. 

Up until November 2022, all RC clubs in Canada operated under an exemption from Transport Canada’s Canadian Aviation Regulations – CARS Part IX rules governing RPAS operations. RPAS stands for Remotely Piloted Aircraft System which is a broad definition that includes RC commercial and recreational drones, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. The exemption gave us considerable freedom to operate in Canadian airspace without the need to comply with complex regulations that apply to other commercial airspace use. Unfortunately, in 2022 our exemption was revoked by Transport Canada. Since our main field at Thackeray Park is within Class “C” controlled airspace that surrounds Pearson Airport, we are now subject to the extensive regulations imposed by the Transport Canada CARS Part IX rules. This new reality is now here to stay and we must all comply.

The good news is that we are open and we can help you get the certifications and knowledge that you will need to fly at Humber Valley. Models under 250g can be flown at our field without the need for any Transport Canada certification or testing. Models between 250g and 25Kg may be flown at our field provided the pilot holds an Advanced RPAS certificate and follows all other CARS Part IX regulations. Our student instruction program allows student pilots to learn to fly with us under the supervision of our RPAS Advanced certified instructors. Or, if you are already a qualified RC pilot and wish to join, we can help you understand what you need to know to become RPAS Advanced certified. Contact our Chief Instructor or other member of the club executive from our Contact Us page for more information.

See the Library for a variety of information on  club policies and field rules and to download the club newsletters.  Application forms for club membership are also available in the Library. If you are new to RC modeling and flying, read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you are thinking about joining, you can follow what is happening in the club by reading some recent Newsletters in the Library section or becoming a Newsletter Subscriber. Simply fill out the Subscriber request form in the Club Info section.

Humber Valley Radio Control Flyers is registered with the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC) and is a member of the Southeast Ontario Zone. Membership in MAAC is a prerequisite to fly at our field.