2024 Membership Renewal

Note: All members who paid their membership fee for 2023 were automatically renewed for 2024, curtesy from the club for the lost flying year, so there is no need to renew.

If you have been a member in any of the previous years – before 2023 and would like to renew your 2024 membership early, please fill in the form below and we will email you back with the required instructions. Please follow the instructions received in the email addressed to you. Once your renewal has been processed, we will send you additional information on how to download your membership card, access to our website and to our field. If you are not member for the current year (2023) and you renewed after September 1st, your payment will be processed for the remainder of 2023 and all 2024.

Due to our new website and introduction of electronic payment methods, membership renewal from here on will be simplified and electronic. The 2024 membership fees are as follows:

  • Renewal Adult Fee paid on or before Dec 31st, 2023…….$90.00
  • Renewal Adult Fee between Jan 1st and Jan 31st, 2024…$95.00
  • Renewal Adult Fee paid on or after Feb 1st, 2024……….$100.00
  • Junior Fee (Under 18 as of Jan 1st)………………………………..$35.00

Please note all membership renewal requests are subject to approval by the executive. If your application has been approved and payment accepted, you will receive an email with the details. In the unlikely case that your membership renewal request was rejected, we will issue a check with the amount you paid and will mail it back to you.