Jun 9/21: Field Limit Expanded to 10 Pilots

Jun 9/21: Good News!!! Because of the Ontario announcements this week about entering Stage 1, I have obtained permission from the City Parks permit officer to expand our outdoor gathering limit to 10 people effective Friday morning June 11, 2021 at 12:01am.

Also after some discussion of the club executive, we decided to also allow members to bring guests. We rarely have 10 pilots at a time so we will monitor this and see how it goes. If there is a surge of bookings with guests, we may contact you and request you not bring your guest for a particular booking. Remember, you are responsible for your guest to ensure that he/she follows our health and safety protocols which means maintaining physical distancing or wearing a mask when that is not possible. You must enter the name of your guest(s) when you make your booking. We have waited a long time for this so we are relieved that we can now have a reasonable number at the field. This will be our new normal at least for the next 3 weeks until Stage 2 and then we will see what happens.

Please let any executive know ASAP if there are any issues at the field.