2020 Fall Fun Fly is in the Record Book

Here is a report on yesterday’s Fall Fun Fly. WOW! I think everyone would agree it was one of the best events ever held by the club in recent memory. Here are the highlights.

  • The weather was perfect. Warm, sunny and light winds.
  • We had a great turnout of about 35 pilots and guests.
  • There was both free and competition flying and every flight qualified for a spot landing attempt.
  • Paul McMillan gave an inspirational tutorial and demo flight on IMAC competition flying.
  • About 6 pilots attempted the IMAC Basic 2020 sequence challenge.
  • Randall Thomas organized an egg drop competition. Zoltan Pittner actually managed to hit the target!
  • In a surprise ceremony, student member, Tim Stanley and junior member, Daniel Kaske were awarded their Pilot Wings and wings certificates
  • A delicious lunch was prepared and served by Milt Charlton and Bob Bader while observing no contact COVID-19 protocols.
  • Physical distancing was very well respected throughout the day.
  • Tom Gottlieb acted as MC and much free flying was enjoyed to the music of the Eagles, Santana, Neal Diamond and the Beatles.
  • Milt’s grandson Julian was our official Raffle Ticket Officer and was busy all morning awarding tickets to participating pilots and then pulled all the winner’s names from the raffle box.  
  • Rohan Otall won the first prize eFlight Hawker Hurricane 25E 53.5” ARF.
  • Richard Correia won the second prize Parkzone Radian Pro 2 meter glider.
  • Milt Charlton, Paul McMillan, and Mark Willer each won $50.00 gift certificates.
  • 7 other members won $25.00 gift certificates.
  • Daniel Kaske won the Parkzone Stinson Reliant SR10 50” ARF.
  • Moshe Abraham won the Tidewater 42”  float plane.
  • There was lots of activity around the free giveaway table and everything disappeared by the end of the day.
  • Zoltan Pittner recorded much of the event and posted it on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/250115182060790.
  • We called it a wrap around 3 o’clock and a number of pilots stayed to take advantage of the nice afternoon and continued sport flying until around 4:30.

What a great day! Many thanks to the estate of Frank Adare for donating all the prize airplanes (except for the Tidewater donated by Tom Gottlieb). Thanks also to everyone who attended and participated in the event, all those who helped plan and organize it, and especially to A&J Hobbies and Great Hobbies for generously donating the cash prizes. Now we can all look forward to some great fall flying.