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The “Flyer” is the club’s newsletter that keeps members informed about upcoming meetings, events, club policies, news and topics of interest. It is distributed by email to about 100 members and 130 “subscribers” who can sign up on our web site to receive club notifications. We also still “snail mail” a handful of actual paper Flyers to a few remaining old-timers who don’t like email. The newsletter is short and sweet – usually only two or three pages. It is a major source of information for members and creates a club history of sorts to anyone who wants to read about past challenges, debates, issues, events, swap meets, meetings, speakers, obituaries and more. All past newsletters are available on the club’s web site going back 20 years to 2000!

2020 – Current Year
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2020 January Flyer

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2020 February Flyer

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2020 March Flyer

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2020 September Flyer

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