Field Opens Sunday June 7, 2020

GREAT NEWS — I am very pleased to announce that the City of Toronto Parks and Recreation Department has issued us a new permit to use Thackeray Park!  This is the news we were all waiting for!

Please read the June 2020 newsletter very carefully to understand how we will be operating under the City’s COVID-19 Conditions and the Health and Safety Protocols we have put in place. You can find it in the Library. Under the Province’s Emergency Order, we can only have gatherings of 5 people at the field at any one time so you must use the new Online Field Booking Form to book time slots for flying.

We understand these are very difficult times for everyone and as much as we all are eager to get flying, this is a time when we must all be considerate, respectful and courteous to other members.

As President, I am counting on all members to do the right thing and do your best to follow our protocols and cooperate with one another. There are bound to be issues and some confusion as we get up and running. Please report any issues or incidents to me or any member of the Executive Committee you may see at the field.

Thanks in advance and I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer.

Tom Gottlieb, President