Preparing to Open the Field

COVID-19 Restrictions and Protocols

In anticipation of opening our field in the near future, we will be implementing new health and safety protocols and requiring pilots to acknowledge and agree to accept the risk of COVID-19 and follow the published protocols. Pilots and Student Members who wish to fly when the field is opened must submit the “COVID-19 Risk Agreement & Protocols Form” which is available in the Members Section Menu. This form is also posted in the Library under the Guidelines and Policies folder.

Additionally, a new procedure is being implemented to allow pilots and students to use an “Online Field Login” function also in the Members Section Menu which will replace the need to manually fill in the flight log book previously stored in the charging station box. The flight log book can still be used, but using the online form from your smart phone at the field is more efficient and eliminates the need to touch the pen and multiple surfaces in the paper binder. The log book was originally put in place to be able to track field use in the event of noise compliance issues. Logging is now even more important than ever to facilitate contact tracing in case any member contracts the virus after visiting the field.

Please contact the President if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.